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Erudus Integration Partners Round-up: 2021

One of our most important goals here at Erudus is sharing the information held in our Data Pool as widely as possible - so it reaches all the places and people that need it. Our multiple software integrations are just one of the ways we do this, and this year it’s been one of our most successful - we’ve welcomed a quite frankly dazzling array of top companies to our API roster.

Our new Integration Partners work with thousands of businesses across the entire food industry supply chain, and are as committed to innovation and making the lives of their customers easier as Erudus is.

Now let’s take a look at the additions that helped make 2021 such a great year for Erudus APIs…


What they do: Planglow provides their customers with accurate product information and professional presentation. Their easy-to-use labelling app allows Caterers to create and print their own branded food labels using a desktop printer.

Planglow labels cover everything from basic product information through to barcodes, Q.U.I.D.S, nutritional data, Reference Intakes and allergen information and help businesses ensure their labelling is always compliant with legislation.

What they say: “The Erudus and Planglow ethoses are very similar and we are delighted to partner with a company whose trusted data expertise supports our own. We’re now able to integrate the Erudus database of more than 35K branded food and drink products with (our labelling app) LabelLogic Live so that users can calculate and add nutritional data relating to these specific brand items to their own product labels. So, for example, a Caterer using Heinz mayonnaise in their sandwiches has access to a full ingredient declaration and nutritional breakdown relating to that specific mayonnaise. With Erudus’s support we’ve been able to complement the existing capabilities of our own software to create an enhanced labelling solution for Caterers using branded products in their food to go items."

Read the full story here.

Visit the Planglow website for more information.

Foodservice Online - the Powered by Erudus extension for Akeneo PIM

What they do: Foodservice Online is a web agency specialising in the Wholesale sector, and their Akeneo PIM (product information management) solution comes fully integrated with the Erudus Data Pool, to make it quicker and easier than ever before for Wholesalers to manage and enrich their product data. Cloud-based Akeneo can also be integrated with any ecommerce platform or 3rd-party procurement portals, and improves the way that businesses collect and store data (from any source) and how they distribute data to multiple sales and marketing channels.

What they say: “Erudus are the leading source of accurate and up-to-date product data in the foodservice sector. Trusted and with widespread utilisation, Erudus data plays a key role in helping foodservice Wholesalers to promote their products and services. Working closely with Erudus, we have designed a PIM solution specifically for foodservice Wholesalers who are looking to improve the quality of their product data whilst reducing the time and cost it takes to manage and share. Product information is an essential part of a successful ecommerce strategy - from allergens and ingredients to rich descriptions, videos and images, modern buyers rely on product information to make fast and effective purchasing decisions and are increasingly relying on digital sales channels to serve their information needs. PIM significantly improves a foodservice Wholesalers’ ability to successfully satisfy these requirements.”

Read the full story here.

Visit the Foodservice Online website to find out more.


What they do: Dill is a real-time food ordering platform specially designed for education campuses. In universities, students can order and enjoy their items on the go, saving valuable time during breaks, and in schools pupils can pre-order their breakfast and lunch, collecting their food from various pick-up points around the building.

Parents top-up their account online and all payments are processed in-app, via web or in-school kiosks, making the entire system cashless.

What they say: “The food ordering industry is becoming increasingly complex, with safety and data accuracy being at the centre of it. It’s more important than ever to ensure that customers receive clear and detailed information regarding the products they consume. In the education sector, this plays a vital role in encouraging pupils and students to always be mindful of the ingredients present in the products they purchase, especially when it comes to allergens. Erudus [is] the market leader in providing accurate allergy and nutritional information and we believe this partnership is going to be an essential part of our mission to streamline catering operations and minimise the chance for errors in the supply chain. This means that our Caterer customers can benefit from the peace of mind that comes with having a robust pipeline in place that leaves little room for human error.”

Read the full story here.

Visit the Dill website to find out more.


What they do: Synbiotix is a comprehensive healthcare technology platform delivering solutions to some of the most respected healthcare organisations in the world, including NHS Bristol and NHS Glasgow & Clyde. Synbiotix’s mission is to bring innovative IT solutions to the Healthcare environment, and are making the vision of a single source of supplier data for building catering management systems in the NHS a reality.

What they say: “The Erudus platform is linked to the Synbiotix MyDietetix nutritional analysis system. This system takes supplier information and uses recipes and menus to calculate available nutrition to patients in hospitals. The system is also used as the allergen data source for all hospitals we work with supplying patients and visitors with up to date and reliable allergen data allowing them to make informed meal choices. [Having] one data platform for all suppliers means that any one client does not have to approach the suppliers to get data. The format of the data is often PDF or excel and any updates to the system take ages to manage. Having one platform for all suppliers makes setting up the system easy, and reduces the burden on the catering department to maintain the platform.”

Read the full story here.

Visit the Synbiotix website to find out more.


What they do: Specialising in paperless kitchens and facilities management, Cypad is a Bristol based kitchen and facilities management software firm delivering a web-based solution for catering, cleaning and facilities management to over 9,000 sites in the UK. As well as helping school Caterers to take on meal time, the company also supports the UK’s largest fast-food chains to ensure efficiency and health and safety across their locations.

What they say: “With Natasha’s Law now in effect, we are seeing an increased demand from our Caterers for suppliers to provide accurate allergy and nutrition information for the stock items they provide. Many of the suppliers that Cypad’s caterers work with are also members of Erudus. By integrating with Erudus, Cypad suppliers only need to update their stock information in one place - saving both themselves and the Caterer time and effort, and ensuring nutrition and allergen information is up to date. Cypad use Erudus’s API to pull through allergen and nutrition data for stock items held in Erudus that match stock items held in Cypad. Currently only allergen and nutrition data is being used, but there may be scope to increase the data we use via the API depending on customer demand. For example; ingredients lists, diet types etc.”

Read the full story here.

Visit the Cypad website to find out more.


What they do: Accessed via a secure web portal, the Gen-Label online software solution allows Caterers to build and maintain lists of ingredients –including specific allergens – then simply print them onto pre-formatted blank labels using a standard PC and laser-jet printer.

Instantly updatable, it manages all labelling requirements from product descriptions, ingredients and bar codes to allergen and nutritional information, including the government’s front of pack traffic light system – enabling Caterers to amend labels and comply with changes in food labelling legislation.

What they say: “Erudus offers the market a brilliant solution to ingredient data management. Any business looking to comply with PPDS legislation could save time and ensure allergy accuracy far more easily than using traditional data entry methods. Ingredient data is vitally important to the food labelling market following the introduction of Natasha’s Law. This data can be difficult to manage without a system designed to support the supply chain, but by linking our printing services to the ingredient data held by Erudus, our customers have the ideal solution when complying with the legislation. By offering an ingredient / allergy source that ensures data is up to date and managed at source, our customers will be able to comply with legislation in a professional and confident manner.”

Read the full story here.

Visit the Gen-Label website to find out more.

NCCO International

What they do: NCCO International develops and manufactures quality products to aid the foodservice industry and seeks to solve everyday challenges for its customers (spanning across Europe and the Middle East) and increase foodservice efficiency. The Burton-upon-Trent based company’s offerings include ePOS system essentials, order pads, till rolls and ribbons, disposable food safety products, portion control bottles, piping bags and intelligent labelling solutions.

What they say: “Erudus offers one of the most comprehensive systems for managing allergen and nutritional information. That’s the type of information our customers need to create accurate labels that help them protect their customers, stay up to code and comply with Natasha’s Law. Through the DateCodeGenie automated labelling system, we also hope to provide our customers (and their customers) with easy access to accurate food information. The partnership between NCCO and Erudus allows both companies to better serve the wide selection of catering outlets that require a simple way to comply with Natasha’s Law, and more effectively protect the health and safety of their customers. Erudus will allow DateCodeGenie users to access and apply crucial health information directly to the labels they need.”

Read the full story here.

Visit the NCCO International website for more information.


What they do: Civica is an IT based services partner in digital solutions, software applications, and managed services. The Civica family of solutions provide tools for people to make informed choices about the food they eat and how they pay for meals in advance, and the company uses Erudus data with their Saffron catering management software.

Saffron supports customers across hospitality, foodservice and public sector catering and improves the efficiency of complex catering operations, through streamlining stock control, purchasing and menu engineering.

What they say: “We chose to integrate with Erudus because of its reputation and how the data provided complements our end-to-end approach perfectly. This up to the minute source of verified supplier data will make it easier for caterers to demonstrate their compliance with legislation such as Natasha’s Law and the Food Information Regulations and support their customers in making safe menu choices. What interests us about Erudus is the reliability of the data and confidence that it’s always up to date. But for us interoperability and ease of integration were really key. [Our] integration with Erudus helps us assist our customers in addressing one of the biggest challenges they’ve faced since the advent of the Food Information Regulations in 2014. That is obtaining and maintaining accurate allergen profiles.”

Read the full story here.

Visit the Civica website for more information.

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