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Erudus is a market leading source of accurate allergy, nutritional and technical product data, populated by the food industry.

What we do

We enable the entire food industry to share product data clearly and easily.

All the latest data on a product, from the allergens it may contain to the way it’s packaged, is instantly available to everyone in the supply chain simply by logging in.

Screenshot of the Erudus dashboard in action.

There are many stakeholders in modern supply chains, and strict legislation around food products. Mistakes are not only too costly to contemplate, but too risky.

Erudus takes the guesswork out of food production and sales, saving businesses time and labour. Our range of subscription packages ensure that everyone in the industry can access the information they need quickly and easily, and rely on it to be up-to-date.

We save time and money for…

  • 1,385 Food Manufacturers
  • 183 Wholesalers
  • 82,689 Caterers & Retailers
  • Ben Cooper
    Senior Manager, Wholesale
    Swizzels Matlow Limited
    The support and backing we have received from the Erudus Technical Team has been of the highest order. Readily available, with timely and accurate updates they have facilitated Swizzels to be up and running on the Erudus support platform much quicker than we could have ever hoped for. With a Collaborative & understanding approach, they have been a pleasure to work with and are considered a true partner to the sales team here at Swizzels Matlow.
  • Rob Mannion
    Founder and Managing Director
    The partnership is fantastic news, as we continue to see more foodservice operators switch onto the potential of mobile ordering and digital customer engagement. The data we receive from Erudus will form part of a high-quality user experience, seamlessly integrating product specifications into the ordering process.
  • James Clarkson
    When we told our customers, their eyes lit up. Setting up and maintaining a library of images and data such as allergen information requires work and time, [but] with this integration our users will be able to retrieve it all at the flick of a switch.
  • Ashley Jones
    Sales & Marketing Director
    Having the breadth of Erudus product information on tap will only serve to attract more names in the industry to the Merlin family. We can only imagine the combined effect of this across our customer-base.
  • Martin Beatty
    Director of Product Development
    We are a customer-led organisation and our Wholesale clients want accurate, up-to-date product data because that's what caterers are looking for. We've been able to deliver that thanks to the integration partnership with Erudus.
  • Jean Freeman
    Managing Director
    Erudus data is entered directly by the Manufacturers, and we believe this integration partnership will be very attractive and useful for our food users - particularly with what's going on in the industry and the tightening up of laws and regulations surrounding allergens.
  • Lesley Buxton
    Director and Co-owner
    Erudus is a big selling point when talking to new Wholesalers and Caterers. Erudus provides value to everyone in the foodservice chain and it shows potential customers that we take our work very seriously.
  • Amir Chaudhary
    Operations Director
    Indus Foods
    Erudus is a fantastic asset for Indus Foods and our customers. Before using it, answering queries on allergens was often an arduous task, but now we can log on to access all the information we need straight away.