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Manufacturer Up Close: Beau's Ice Cream

Beau’s Ice Cream is the brainchild of husband and wife team Amber Fox-Eyre and Joseph Eyre, who explain > We started Beau’s because we were both vegan, and on our travels around the world [had] seen that there were some fantastic things you can do with vegan food. Back in the UK we felt like the quality wasn’t always there in the [vegan] products, but we knew it could be. We wanted to make a difference, and share our product with people the way we’d shared and enjoyed food in the past.

They started as they meant to go on – with pedigree, persuading the Gelato University in Bologna to teach them how to make bespoke ice-creams within a plant-based realm.

By July 2018 Beau’s Ice Cream was ready to hit the market. Environmentally-friendly and handmade in the UK, their luxury vegan artisan ice-cream has already attracted the support of vegan leaders like Heather Mills. We spoke to Amber and Joseph to find out just what makes Beau’s so special…

Amber Fox-Eyre & Joseph Eyre, Founders of Beau's Ice Cream

All products adhere to 4 brand pillars

Quality, health, better for the environment, and better for the animals. Those are the pillars of our brand. With the quality of the ingredients, most readily available ice creams are between 50-200% aerated – Beau’s is 15-20%, which results in a creamy, premium product.

They only use whole foods

We only use whole foods, for example our raspberry [flavour] is 41% real raspberry – the nearest to that on the market is just 14% and it’s a puree. We wanted to produce a product that was authentic and honest about what it was.

Beaus Raspberry Ice Cream in it's environmentally friendly packaging

Getting the classics right was a priority (and they’ve done it)

Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mint choc chip, raspberry and pistachio are the backbone of the ice cream world, and we wanted to get the classics right. Our bases are cashews, raw cane sugar, water and salt. There are varying degrees to which you can interact with ice cream in terms of production – you can do it with a premade mix easily, but it’s exciting and challenging for us to use completely whole foods. Our coffee beans are specially roasted to lock in flavour, and go to production as soon as possible. We make our own chocolate in-house using cocoa, cacao butter and agave syrup.

Fewer ingredients gives Beau’s that premium taste

The amount of ingredients used in other ice creams can total around 23, and the nature of those ingredients mean they’re used to compensate for the overrun and can leave a residual taste. Beau’s is heavier, flavoursome, and creamy. We’re closer to something like Hagan Daaz – they have a low overrun, minimalist approach to ingredients. You’ll notice the difference.

Beau's Chocolate Ice Cream

Watch this space for an allergen-free ice cream

When we were in Bologna we experimented with bases – other nuts, oats, and rice bases to consider a completely allergen free profile. We do have something in the pipeline, but we don’t want to rush it to market [before it’s ready].

They’re clever with sugar…

We did extensive market testing, putting out polls regarding varying amounts of sugar. We stayed away from artificial sweeteners because we didn’t feel there was enough research on how they impact people’s health, and knew the effects of sugar were better understood. So we went for the best option, which we felt was a raw cane sugar. Beau’s is nutritionally well-rounded – there are carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. The thing for us is balancing sugar in our recipes, we have a product where you’re going to come out of it not needing another sugary product, you’re going to come out of it with a satiated appetite. > > I think if you’re getting any one thing in pure form, it’s probably quite dangerous. If it’s a sugary drink with sugar and water, that’s going to be difficult to balance out. We need to consume sugar In a balanced fashion, not raw sugary products – having a mindful connection to what we’re eating is important.

Beaus Ice Cream

… and have become expert in balancing flavours

Sugar content is slightly different for each one of our flavours, for example we wanted the praline to be a bit more on the sweet side – more traditional, to capture a classic flavour profile. For pistachio we want to bring out the pistachio flavour, and that isn’t sweet. Strawberry has great natural sweetness to it, so a decent amount of sugar from strawberry supports a better flavour profile – that’s where we vary the sugar, but our sugars are less than most out there.

Beau’s has some of the most environmentally friendly packaging around

In our packaging we [only] use virgin cellulose and compostable polymers taken from FSC standard forests. Our tubs are compostable and the lids are recyclable, which is  quite far ahead for the standard in the ice cream world at the moment. If you pick up a tub of ice cream in the supermarket, most will have the green dot, and that simply means the company has made a financial contribution to recycling in Europe – there’s still a long way to go. It took us a long time to find something that was even close to being compostable and recyclable. Fortunately we did, and though it does cost more to invest in, it felt important for us to do that.

Beau's Ice Cream Packaging

They’re currently in the on-boarding process with Erudus

The onboarding process was really straightforward, it was made very accessible to us and broken down very easily and broken down in a way that was relevant to us, which meant we felt immediately comfortable to be able to go and use it.

Erudus has come at a really exciting time; it forces us to put fragmented information together in one place, and it’s great for us to be able to centralise everything. When you’re striking up new partnerships you’re exchanging phenomenal amounts of information and you need to know it’s all correct, up to date and in the right format for both parties. It’s not just the platform – it transcends that and becomes an opportunity to engage with people that we might not previously have been able to engage with because we can immediately contact them.