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Tips & Tricks: Our best Tips & Tricks

Are you an Erudus user who wants to know all the tips and tricks for getting the maximum out of Erudus? Is that a silly question?

Well, you’re in the right place – our Tips & Tricks series is here to guide you through the most effective ways of using Erudus and lead you to the wealth of information available on Knowledge Base our easy-to-use online user manual.

Throughout the year we’ve been highlighting handy hints for using Erudus, and as we creep towards that halfway mark, we thought it was the perfect time to round-up everything we’ve covered so far.

So no matter whether you’re a Manufacturer, Wholesaler or Caterer, you’re sure to find something helpful from the selection below….

Using the Allergen and Nutritional Data Search

How to get the most out of one of Erudus’s simplest but most important functions.

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Becoming a super-admin

This gives you full control over your Erudus supplier account, allowing you to manage all your users and company information easily and efficiently.

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Using Audit Trails

This can help you save time and avoid confusion when it comes to tracking your product’s history.

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Dealing with text error validations

Perfect for anyone who has struggled with validation errors before when saving ingredients declarations.

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Using Query Builder

This advanced function allows you to search using data points such as allergens, NME Sugars, suitable for vegans, and approved for a Halal diet

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Using Knowledge Base

A closer look at how to use Knowledge Base and it’s in-app sister function Beacon.

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Understanding Cereals containing Gluten

An easy explanation of the recent changes to the Gluten field on Erudus and how to deal with them whether you’re a Manufacturer, Wholesaler or Caterer.

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