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Query Builder

Are you an Erudus user who wants to know all the tips and tricks for getting the maximum out of Erudus?

Is that a silly question?

Well, you’re in the right place – this new series will guide you through the most effective ways of using Erudus and lead you to the wealth of information available on Knowledge Base, our easy-to-use online user manual.

If you’re a Manufacturer, you’re gonna love today’s tip about Query Builder, which can help you save valuable time and consequently, money.

“Why you should be using Query Builder”

When you’re searching for a product on Erudus, you’re probably doing so by using a GTIN or product name.

But did you know you can also use our advanced Query Builder function to search using data points such as allergens, NME Sugars, suitable for vegans, and approved for a Halal diet?

Query Builder will then pull up a list of all your products that meet this criteria, so they can be quickly and easily compiled.

Want to know if any of your products contain a specific attribute? Query Builder allows you to find out in a few keystrokes, instead of trawling through individual product specs.

Marketing teams looking to identify products that can be promoted for food calendar events like Veganuary, Sugar Awareness Week and Allergy Awareness Week will have a fast, accurate and effective way of doing so, and this is also a great resource for Sales teams looking to target specialist wholesalers and buying groups.

Of course, the more products you have on Erudus, the more helpful and effective Query Builder can be, so to really get the most of out it make sure you have your full product selection uploaded to our Data Pool – Wholesalers also use Query Builder to search for data attributes, so if you want to get on their radar be sure to get active on Erudus.

Want to know more?

Click here to find out more about Query Builder on Knowledge Base. You can do it at no extra cost!