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Tips & Tricks: Audit Trail

Are you an Erudus user who wants to know all the tips and tricks for getting the maximum out of Erudus?

Is that a silly question?

Well, you’re in the right place – this new series will guide you through the most effective ways of using Erudus and lead you to the wealth of information available on Knowledge Base, our easy-to-use online user manual.

If you’re a Manufacturer, you’re gonna love today’s tip about Audit Trails, which can help you save time and avoid confusion when it comes to tracking your product’s history.

The beauty of an audit trail

This simple yet effective function is perfect for internal fact-checking.

Let’s say a customer is questioning the allergen status of one of your products – the label says ‘Does Contain Milk’, but you think it doesn’t and Erudus is also saying it doesn’t.

For clarification you simply select that product from your product list on Erudus and click on the ‘History’ tab. This will show you a list of every change that has ever been made to that product, as well as who made it and when they did so.

So if you want to query who confirmed a product’s ‘Does Not Contain’ status it’s all there in front of you.

Audit Trails make it easier for technical specialists to keep reliable, accessible records, and will make handovers in staff easier to navigate.

All in all, it’s just very good housekeeping!