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All about Erudus API and the Integration Partners who use it

At Erudus we work with thousands of Manufacturers and hundreds of Wholesalers who both provide us with and use and share the accurate, up to date product information in our Data Pool. But they aren’t the only reason Erudus has been able to become a market leading source of food data. Erudus API also plays a major role in ensuring the contents of our Data Pool are spread far and wide. Here’s how…

First off, what is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface.

The interface is the important part of this description, and in fact we all encounter interfaces every day. As an example let’s take a TV remote, that’s your interface for the TV. So if you want to watch the news you press the power button and your TV turns on.

Now let’s break that down:

You want to watch TV, that’s a requirement. You press the power button and that gives the interface the instruction. The TV turns on which is the action.

It’s the same principle with an API, which acts like the remote i.e. “If you give me this instruction, I will perform this action”.

The API is therefore the configured interface between two pieces of software that allows the instruction to be carried out.

You can find out more about APIs and what they are used for here.

Erudus APIs

Whether you’re sharing data into Erudus or consuming it, we’ve got the right API for you.

Our APIs are the perfect way to enrich the tools you use with the Erudus data set, and speed up your workflow.

Fully documented and version controlled to ensure it’s providing crystal clear guidance for developers, Erudus API contains real code examples as well as expected response codes and error messages.

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Automatically add, update or delist products in the Erudus Data Pool straight from your own in-house systems. A great way to reduce the costs associated with communicating your product data.

Find out more about Erudus APIs and how they work here.

And Erudus API got even better in 2024...

When Erudus underwent a major upgrade back in January we introduced an entirely new and enhanced API, within which new attributes were made available.

One of these new attributes is “Products Revisions and Versions”, which allows users to see the different versions of a product and the changes that have occurred between versions.

Find out more about the update to our API here.

The Integration Partners using our API

Our software Integration Partnerships help our data reach all the places and people that need to make use of it.

These Integration Partners work with thousands of food businesses across the entire supply chain, from leading Manufacturers to niche brands, farmhouse kitchen to Caterers on a national scale and everything in between.

We’re adding to our number all the time, but below is a current list of the businesses we’re proud to call our Integration Partners.

  • b2b Store
  • Blue Rock Systems
  • CaterCloud (EF-group)
  • Caternet, powered by Zupa
  • Civica
  • Control Catering
  • Cypad
  • Dill
  • Foodservice Online
  • Fourth
  • Gen-Label
  • IndiCater
  • Lady Lodge
  • Merlin
  • NCCO International
  • Planglow
  • Quadranet
  • RNF Digital
  • Sanderson
  • SchoolGrid
  • Sharp Ax
  • Swiftcloud
  • Synbiotix
  • Trade International
  • Wippet

You can find out more about each of our Integration Partners and what they do here.

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