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Food Safety with Erudus

It’s almost World Food Safety Day, and whilst here at Erudus we keep food safety at the forefront of our agenda all year round, now is the perfect time to round-up some of our most helpful stories for getting food businesses on their food safety a-game...

Labelling Masterclass - Free Webinar

We’ve teamed up with the FSA (Food Standards Agency) and market-leading supplier of labelling software (and Erudus Intrgration Partner) Planglow to bring the food industry a free webinar to clear up confusion and prepare businesses for the new law coming into play this October. It’s happening Thursday 17 June and you can still book your place by visiting this page.

Erudus Podcast: Food Safety Week

June’s episode of The Erudus Podcast delves into all things food safety, and host Andrew is speaking to John Kukoly, Director of Certification Programs at BRCGS (Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards) to get the inside scoop on what the BRCGS Food Safety Standard covers. Listen to The Erudus Podcast: Food Safety Week here.

Erudus sponsors Food Allergy Aware’s Mock Trial

Erudus were sponsors of Food Allergy Aware’s Mock Trial in partnership with law firm Blake Morgan LLP. The event, which was held earlier this month explored a fictional court case scenario in which Caterers have incorrectly labelled allergens and served the meal to a customer, with the Blake Morgan legal team informing the Caterer of the legal responsibilities involved in producing and serving that food and discussing a number of issues such as due diligence and product recall. We’ll be posting a recap shortly, but in the meantime get your primer here.

Refresher of PPDS

With Natasha’s Law coming into play this October (2021) PPDS (Pre-Packed for Direct Sale) labelling is about to become one of the industry’s hottest topics. So we put together a guide of everything you need to know about PPDS.

What Caterers should know about Cereals containing Gluten

Legislation around the use of Cereals containing Gluten in a food product and how to label that product can be confusing. So we put together a cheat sheet to dispell myths around what is suitable for Coeliacs and the rules for labelling a product as safe for people with gluten allergy or Coeliac disease. Read it here.

Erudus provides Certification

Our ‘You Should Know’ series highlights Erudus features and applications that make it easier for our users to run their food businesses and in this installment we explain how Erudus can help Manufacturers makes their certifications as visible as possible to their customers.

What you need to know about ‘PAL’ Labelling

Another important education piece - PAL stands for Precautionary Allergen Labelling, and we can answer all your questions about how to use it and when to use it here.

Avoiding Cross-contamination

The risk of cross-contamination within the kitchen is serious issue within food safety - Erudus is on hand to explain why it should be a food business priority to avoid it, and how best to go about doing that. Find out more here.