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Erudus…Showcases Certification

If you’re an Erudus customer, no doubt you already know about some of the helpful things we do – like providing incredibly accurate nutritional and allergen data for over 64.8k food products and creating powerful search tools like Query Builder.

But we guarantee there’s a whole host of things Erudus does that you don’t yet know about.  This series aims to help you find out, and this week we’re focusing on… the fact that Erudus showcases certification.

So how do we do this?

Well if you’re a Manufacturer who holds a certification you probably want people to know about it, right?

Maybe you’re accredited to BRC (British Retail Consortium – an internationally recognised mark of food safety and quality). Or Red Tractor, or British and Irish Beef – whichever it is, it shows that your product is of a recognised higher value and tells your customer that you are doing all the right things.

Some Caterers will only buy produce with certain certifications, and many Wholesalers like to check the credentials of their supply chain.

It's quick and easy to upload certifications onto Erudus

The good news is that you can upload any certifications you do hold to Erudus, where they can be quickly and easily viewed and downloaded by Wholesalers.

This instant download means that Wholesalers don’t have to call in certifications directly from Manufacturers, saving both parties time and hassle.

And that’s how Erudus provides certification, just another way we help share your food data quickly, accurately and effectively.