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Baker & Baker Warm Cookie Dough Dessert


  • Baker & Baker Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (80g)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream (1 Scoop)
  • Chocolate Sauce (If Desired)
Reference intake
baker and baker erudus product specification showing nutritional and calorie content
Dietary info
Suitable for Vegetarians
Contains Cereal Containing Gluten
Contains Gluten
Contains Milk
Contains Egg
Contains Soya



Scoop an 80g portion of Cookie Dough into a skillet and press down.


Bake at 165°C for 14-16 minutes. Do not over-bake, the cookie should be crispy on the outside and gooey inside.


Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top whilst the dough is still warm and drizzle with chocolate sauce if desired.


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