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Erudus… Tracks Waste Packaging

If you’re an Erudus customer, no doubt you already know about some of the helpful things we do – like providing incredibly accurate nutritional and allergen data for over 64.8k food products and creating powerful search tools like Query Builder.

But we guarantee there’s a whole host of things Erudus does that you don’t yet know about.  This series aims to help you find out, and this week we’re focusing on… the fact that Erudus tracks waste packaging.

These days consumers want to know everything about their food. They want to know what’s in it, they want to know where it comes from, and increasingly they want to know that it’s eco-friendly. Environmental awareness is a hot topic, in the food industry and beyond, with more and more pressure on companies to prove that their production methods – and especially their packaging, are as eco-friendly as possible.

Using the bare minimum of waste packaging is now something that can genuinely make you a little more attractive as a manufacturer, and there are other benefits to tracking your waste packaging as well – you can calculate how much it is costing your company more easily, and help you adhere to waste packaging regulations.

Waste Packaging field in Erudus

Good news – Erudus can track your waste packaging for you.

One of the data specifications you will be asked to input for each product is its waste packaging, so you can easily track and account for it.

The waste packaging specs are broken down by weight, and by material, meaning you can also make distinctions between waste packing that is plastic and something more recyclable, like glass.

Be more environmentally aware, track your waste packaging on Erudus.