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Erudus offers Video Tutorials

Did you know that Erudus has created a range of Industry Resources for those in the food industry, totally free to download?

Well we do, and in this series we’ll be showing them off....

First up… Video Tutorials.

Erudus Video Tutorials help our customers make the most out of Erudus, and provide handy self-service answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Each one is tailored specifically to one of our user segments - Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Caterers and Retailers.

To see them, visit the Video Tutorials page or peruse the list of titles and some sample videos below...

For Manufacturers

Query Builder for Manufacturers

Also available:

  • The Manufacturer Dashboard
  • Image Hub for Manufacturers

For Wholesalers

The Wholesaler Dashboard

Also available:

  • Understanding a specification
  • Image Hub for Wholesalers

For Caterers

Recipe Builder for Caterers

Also available:

  • Data Search for Caterers
  • Custom Ingredients for Caterers

For Retailers

Data Search for Retailers

Also available: Recipe Builder for Retailers Custom Ingredients for Retailers

And there’s so much more - you can also find Allergen Icons, Allergen Posters & Flyers, and Erudus Logos and Badges free to download on our Industry Resources page.