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Erudus meaning - What is it?

What does our name mean and why did we choose it? Time to find out...

Erudus Meaning

Since Shakespeare pondered “what’s in a name?” (and let’s face it, probably even before then) people have put great stock in the meaning of and significance behind names. Certainly we’re always being asked why we chose to name our company ‘Erudus’.

And with a newly launched rebrand and shiny new website, we thought now was the perfect time to clear things up...

Does the word Erudus have a meaning?

The word Erudus has no literal meaning. But its origins do. The word Erudus is a play on the Middle English word ‘erudite’, which in turn comes from the Latin word ‘eruditus’ - which means ‘to instruct’.

In its modern incarnation, the word ‘erudite’ means ‘learned, accomplished and well-informed.’

The name ‘Erudus’ is a combination of the words ‘erudite’ and ‘us’.

How do you pronounce Erudus?

You pronounce Erudus ‘eh-ruh-dus’ - with the emphasis on the first syllable. You do not pronounce it ‘eh-roo-dus’ - with the emphasis on the second syllable.

Why choose the name Erudus?

We chose the name Erudus because we want to combine the words ‘erudite’ and ‘us’. ‘Erudite’ because the point of the Erudus platform is to share a great wealth of knowledge (in this case food data) with the wider industry. ‘Us’ because we wanted to emphasise that our aim is to unite the industry. All of us - Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Caterers, Retailers and everyone else in the wider food industry, working together for a greater purpose.

What does Erudus do?

Erudus is a market leading source of accurate allergen, nutritional and technical product data, populated by the food industry. We also provide innovative tools, solutions and services to make the lives of those in the food industry easier.

Who is Erudus for?

At the moment we work primarily with Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Caterers and Retailers, but we’re rapidly expanding into all areas of the food industry. The sharing of accurate food data through the entire supply chain is beneficial to everyone, not least consumers.

Find out more by visiting our homepage here.