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Erudus… Has a Recipe Builder

If you’re an Erudus customer, no doubt you already know about some of the helpful things we do – like providing incredibly accurate nutritional and allergen data for thousands of food products and creating powerful search tools like Query Builder.

But we guarantee there’s a whole host of things Erudus does that you don’t yet know about. This series aims to help you find out, and this week we’re focusing on… the fact that Erudus has a Recipe Builder tool.

Recipe Builder is the perfect tool for Caterers, helping them to build and plan their menu by keeping track of each recipe’s ingredients and cost per serving, as well as important allergen and dietary information.

And Caterers now really is the ideal time to be reviewing and revamping your menu.


Well for one thing, manufacturers have been cutting back their product ranges due to COVID-19, and Caterers reopening as the lockdown eases may find replacements or an alternative will have to be found for certain menu items (and Erudus can help you find them).

Updates and changes to allergen legislation, and what’s likely to be a post-pandemic focus on healthier eating are also good reasons to think about adding to or amending your menu.

The Erudus Recipe Builder is a cloud based recipe management tool for Caterers.

Here’s a rundown of some of the great things you can do with Recipe Builder…

Erudus Ingredient Search

Got more questions? Head on over to Knowledge Base, where you can find help and advice on everything Erudus related and the answer to just about any query you can think of.