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Upcoming Change: Interpreting a product's Gluten content

Can a product contain cereals containing gluten but still be classed as gluten free? The answer is, yes.

Strict law governs the use of labelling products as gluten free, and it can only be used on foods that contain less than 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten, this amount is not harmful to people with coeliac disease.

Currently within Erudus

If a product contains ‘cereals containing gluten’, manufacturers are required to state what types of cereals a product contains, and if the concentration of gluten in that product is more or <20ppm through lab testing. If the product contains <20ppm of gluten it can be assumed that the product is ‘suitable for coeliacs’. Let’s take a look at a specification sheet for an Erudus Soup pouch.

Our new Icon Label…

Our new blue icon label will appear over the ‘cereals containing gluten’ icon on product specifications and will enable Erudus users to easily interpret how, and why, a product is suitable for coeliacs.

The ‘cereals containing gluten’ will still appear red on product specifications to indicate the presence of gluten. Then, when the concentration of ‘cereals containing gluten’ is <20ppm, our new blue ‘icon label’ will appear over the top of the ‘cereals containing gluten’ label (See Opposite). This means that the product can legally be classed as ‘suitable for coeliacs’ and allows you to instantly determine if a product is gluten free. This is how the icon will look on product specifications and specification sheets on desktops and within apps.

So when can you expect this change?

You can expect to start seeing the blue icon label appearing on specifications as of June, when we will begin a gradual roll out of the new feature. You won’t need to worry about altering or changing any information on specifications as the change will occur automatically.

Further information will shortly be made available on our knowledge base, our easy-to-use online guide to Erudus.