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The Erudus Podcast, Season 2 Teaser Episode

Happy New Year everyone! What a year 2020 was - not always for the right reasons, but there were some bright spots to be found, and for us that includes a fantastic first season of the Erudus Podcast.

Hosts Andrew and Victoria are gearing up for an even greater season 2, which will be coming later on in the year. But don’t worry - they’ve pulled together this bitesize episode to keep you ticking over, a 5 minute teaser of what you can expect from our very exciting upcoming installments, an insider look at our new rebrand, and how you can stay involved in the conversation in the UK Foodservice industry while we all take a break and recharge our batteries.

Now is also the perfect time to catch up with everything season 1 had to offer. From interviews with brilliant brands such as Too Good To Go, Pieminister and Macsween Haggis to guided wine tastings and etiquette lessons The Erudus Podcast is full of fun and valuable insight, whether you’re a Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Caterer or simply just a dedicated foodie!

Listen below or here as part of the Erudus Podcast library.

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