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The Erudus Podcast S1, EP9 - Zero Waste Week (Too Good To Go)

Though headlines of late have been dominated by the virus that shall not be named, protecting our planet and preventing waste remain hot topics in the foodservice industry and beyond.

So with Zero Waste Week coming up, September’s Erudus Podcast is the perfect episode to go green. This month host Andrew is speaking to Jamie Crummie, co-founder of Too Good To Go, the world’s largest surplus food marketplace, whose app is an excellent resource that Caterers and Wholesalers can use to claim back sunk costs from food that would otherwise end up in the bin.

Jamie tells us all about the work in the wider industry that he and his ‘waste warriors’ are doing to affect change – both in the wider community, with their educational and school initiative, and at Manufacturer level with things like lobbying for label reform.

He and Andrew also discuss the impact that throwing 3.5 million tonnes of food away has on the planet, as well as how we might manage and mitigate it.

And of course, we go through some of the biggest news stories in the foodservice industry right now, and explore how they might affect and impact those of us in it. This month the main draw is the revelation that national supermarket giant Sainsbury’s and Tesco have signed up to a global food waste coalition.

You can listen to Episode 9 here and you can also search for the Erudus Podcast on your favourite podcast player to subscribe.

You can listen the episode above or you can search for the Erudus Podcast on your favourite podcast player to subscribe;

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