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The Erudus Podcast S1, EP3 - British Pie Week (Pieminister)

It’s March, and finally the end of a long cold winter is in sight. But since it’s not here quite yet, British Pie Week has come at just the right time. What better than a lovely, warming pie while you wait for spring to kick in? And in Episode 3 of the Erudus Podcast, which is live now, that’s exactly what we’re celebrating.

Hosts Andrew and Victoria open up a debate (which is already causing waves on social media) on exactly what makes a pie a pie, and delve into the rich history of its origins.

Andrew also interviews Pieminister MD and co-founder Tristan Hogg, speaking to him about his career as a chef, Pieminister’s brand ethics and commitment to sustainability, the company’s vertical business model, automated technology and Pieminister’s dedication to customer service – including a dedicated gluten-free facility.

Once again, we go through some of the biggest news stories in the foodservice industry right now, and explore how they might affect and impact those of us in it. This month that includes:

  • How Unilever is changing the way it markets ice cream to children.
  • The Caterer’s recent report discovering that most servers are uncertain about allergen information.
  • The rise of insects being used as an ingredient in food products.

You can listen the episode above or you can search for the Erudus Podcast on your favourite podcast player to subscribe;

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