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The Erudus Podcast S1, EP11 - World Vegan Month (The Vegan Society)

With veganism and plant-based diets becoming increasingly popular, this year’s World Vegan Month is bigger than ever. And as foodservice businesses look to capitalise on these new eating trends and habits, it’s the perfect time for host Andrew to speak to Matt Turner, spokesperson for the Vegan Society about issues like the labelling of vegan products, and what the vegan product trademark means for consumers and manufacturers that have their products certified.

They also discuss the World Vegan Month initiative and ways to get involved, ways in which caterers and restaurateurs can easily accommodate vegan dishes on their menu, and whether a vegan diet is more expensive than an omnivorous diet.

And of course, we go through some of the biggest news stories in the foodservice industry right now, and explore how they might affect and impact those of us in it.

This month that includes:

  • The attempts of European farmers to ban terms such as ‘veggie burger’.
  • Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s decision to offer a new support package to Wholesalers in light of the ongoing repercussions of the pandemic.

You can listen to Episode 11 of the Erudus Podcast here.

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