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The Erudus Podcast S1, EP1 - Burns Night (Macsween of Edinburgh)

So, what can you expect from our inaugural installment?

Host Andrew takes us through some of the biggest news stories in the foodservice industry right now, and explores how they might affect and impact those of us in it. For instance…

  • A recent study from Loughborough University that suggests labelling food products with how much exercise is needed to burn off the calories in it will be effective in tackling the obesity crisis. Is that really true?
  • There’s been a proliferation of CBD-based products come onto the market – Andrew looks at the controversy surrounding the FSA’s stance on them.
  • You can also look forward to a discussion on the growth of the delivery app sector and how eat-in experiences can differentiate themselves and thrive in the changing landscape.

And then for the main event… Every month Andrew will be deep diving into a food calendar event, and January’s headliner is Burn’s Night. He speaks to James Macsween, Managing Director of the award-winning Haggis manufacturer Macsween of Edinburgh not only about the intricacies of the Scottish delicacy, but about the significance of the holiday itself.

Now, if you’re wondering whether the Erudus podcast for you, our 2 minute Episode 0 is the perfect primer to help you decide. You can listen to Episode 0 here.

You can listen the episode above or you can search for the Erudus Podcast on your favourite podcast player to subscribe;

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