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The Erudus Podcast: Organic September

Organic food has never been more popular. And with concerns about the environment increasing all the time and interest in a food product’s origins at an all time high with consumers, it’s really little wonder that we have a month dedicated to all things organic. September, being associated with harvest and new crops, is the ideal choice.

So the latest installment of The Erudus Podcast will be focusing on Organic September and our expert guest is Mark Machin, Foodservice development manager for the SOIL Association. Since 1946 the SOIL Association have campaigned on issues such as opposition to intensive farming, support for local purchasing and public education on nutrition; as well the certification of organic food, and Mark is speaking to host Andrew about the work the organisation does and its impact on the industry.

They’ll also be delving into what ‘organic’ really means when it comes to food, the agricultural and manufacturing differences of organic producers, and what it means to be “organic” as a Caterer - as well exploring whether it really does cost more to eat organic.

We can’t wait to find out…

And as usual we’re dipping into some of the biggest industry news stories of the month, including

Operators being encouraged to get involved with the first ever World Hospitality Day on 18 September


The possibility of single use plastic cutlery and plates being banned in England.

Interested? You can listen to Season 2 - Episode 5 of The Erudus Podcast here or directly below.

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