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The Erudus Podcast: Ice Cream Month

Sunshine, Euros, Wimbledon… summer has truly arrived. And few foods signify summer more than ice cream. So for July’s episode of The Erudus Podcast we’re celebrating National Ice Cream Month, the event dedicated to the sweet treat that makes everyone think of summer holidays and sunny days by the beach.

Host Andrew interviews David Baker, owner of the hugely popular Styles Ice Cream about everything from the ins and outs of running a successful ice cream company to the implications of Brexit and restructuring a business to adapt to a disruption.

He also persuaded David to share how the Styles Ice Cream winning formula was discovered by accident, and there’s a discussion on the merits of Cones vs. Cups.

An ice cream lover’s dream.

And as usual we’re dipping into and exploring some of the biggest industry news stories of the month, including

How the food and drink industry is being impacted by a ‘labour crisis’


The unveiling of the world’s first fully recycled food grade plastic bottles.

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