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Standardised Food Allergy Icons

As part of our standardised product specification approach we use graphics to show if allergen ingredients are present using our Food Allergy Icon Set.

Standardised Food Allergy Icons

Part of our goal is to help minimise the countless hours of duplication across the food industry. We are well on our way to achieving this by making Erudus the industry solution for communicating food product specifications.

Erudus delivers a standardised product specification, presented in a standardised format to help cut down the duplication and save time for food manufacturers, wholesalers and foodservice companies alike.

As part of our standardised product specification approach we use graphical representations in some of our products, for some of the 200+ product attributes we hold. For example, allergen ingredients are graphically represented using our very own icon set.

This standardised visual approach allows the user, at a glance, to easily recognise and quickly interpret if a product they are selling, cooking or eating contains any of the 14 major food allergen ingredients.

It makes sense to use graphical representations as the human brain can interpret them faster than text alone. Think about the on/off button on your TV remote or the power button on your computer or many other household electronics for that matter. They all look the same, using a standard graphic that the user can quickly recognise and understand.

This not only drives familiarity and trust with users but it becomes second nature to them. It delivers a universal approach with no duplication of effort from the TV manufacturers re-inventing the wheel to design different on/off symbols to go on their remotes and that is what we want to do for food allergens.

Food Allergy Icon Set – Now available

We are pleased to announce that as of today we’ve made the Erudus Food Allergy Icons available for all, in hope that manufactures, wholesalers, foodservice companies and any one else interested in using the icons will adopt them as the standardised way to graphically represent food allergens.

They are available to download for free from the Resource Centre and we would encourage you or your creative talent to take a closer look and consider using them in the future. They are available under a creative commons licence and you can use them pretty much anywhere: on your website, in printed materials such as price guides, menus or even on the product label if you wish.

By opening up the Erudus Food Allergy Icon Set we want to bring a consistent approach and hopefully remove even more duplication of effort across the food industry. Think of this as our attempt to give the end user an on/off button which is easily recognisable, interpreted and trusted.

We will be adding to the icon set in the future and we would love to hear your feedback regarding which icons you would like to see included. For now…happy downloading.

Download the Erudus Food Allergy Icon Set, here.