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Operational Appointments

It has been an exciting first half to 2016 here at Erudus. We have seen the number of manufacturers choosing to house their products with us continue to rise and we now hold product specifications for nearly 30,000 products. We launched our Manufacturer API program, our new website and, more recently, our News Takeaways and Allergy Alerts. It is fair to say there have been a lot of changes so far this year and we have no plans to stop making them anytime soon. We even have a few more exciting announcements to make.


It is no secret that Erudus is owned, managed and run by Fairway Foodservice – it was created initially by Fairway for use by Fairway Members but as other wholesalers took up use of Erudus its administration was maintained at Fairway simply as a cost saving exercise. Support staff have always been based from Fairway’s offices, initially in Halifax and now from their new base in Huddersfield.

Erudus has grown exponentially in recent times. The Fairway Foodservice board have concluded that the timing and current Erudus position, as the industry leading solution, is now right for Erudus to become a stand alone business, in order for it to realise its goals and achieve its potential.

Practicality and pragmatism have been the reasons for Erudus administration being managed by Fairway because Erudus didn’t have the income to support being a stand alone business but we know that the future of Erudus is on a very sound footing and it is time to distance it from Fairway in terms of geography and administration. Chris Binge, CEO Fairway Foodservice

It is a big step and a move that both the Fairway Foodservice board and Erudus feel has come at the right time. It takes us into a new chapter of the Erudus story.

Both parties have been working towards an operational split of the 1st August 2016.

Management Appointment

As a result of Erudus becoming a stand alone business we needed to grow the management team and as a result we are pleased to announce that Jon Shayler will be taking the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) with immediate effect. His first task in his new role as COO will be overseeing the operational split from Fairway Foodservice.

Jon brings with him first hand experience and a wealth of Erudus knowledge through his role with Infotech, the developers behind Erudus.

I’m delighted to be assuming the role. It was a natural fit and it marks the start of the next chapter in the Erudus story. The timing is right for the operational split to take place and I’m really looking forward to the challenges ahead in realising the potential of Erudus. It’s exciting times and with the backing of both Fairway Foodservice and Infotech I look forward to taking the Erudus operation forward. Jon Shayler, COO Erudus

Jon Shayler has been the driving force in the development of Erudus as an industry leading product data pool and it is appropriate for him to be appointed Chief Operating Officer and to oversee the future growth of Erudus. We expect to announce further appointments in due course as well as drawing together key industry users to form an operation advisory body to ensure development of Erudus is a collaborative industry-wide responsive business. Chris Binge, CEO Fairway Foodservice

Outsourced Agreement

So where will the Erudus operation move to?

Given the close working relationship between Erudus and Infotech it seemed only fitting that Erudus be given a new home with Infotech, based in Hartlepool. 

We are thrilled to announce that Erudus operations will be outsourced to Infotech. Jon and the rest of the team at Infotech will take control of the complete Erudus operation. Already the developers behind it, Infotech have a wealth of experience in developing, managing and supporting similar web applications with large scale customer bases.

Work on the operational transfer has already commenced with Jon and Jeff Newton (Managing Director, Infotech) working closely to deliver the operational split for the 1st August 2016.

Operationally what does this mean?

All Erudus operations currently being carried out in Huddersfield by Fairway Foodservice staff will be migrated from Fairway Foodservice’s control.

In short, neither Fairway Foodservice, nor its staff, will have any involvement in the day to day operations of Erudus. This will include areas such as management, support and development. Erudus becomes a separate standalone company accountable to its share holders. These include Fairway Foodservice group members. Our vision is to provide a collaborative solution owned by the industry for the industry.

Additional Changes

Along with our new office we also have a new telephone number. Effective from the 1st August 2016 you can contact us on 0333 1218 999.

We will also be introducing new ways for users to access support and help with their questions. More details to follow shortly.