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Meet some exciting new additions to Erudus…

Each month our Data Pool Update lists all the new Manufacturers and Wholesalers joining Erudus. But here we take a closer look at some of the businesses adding their products to Erudus, because our new additions are always worth celebrating…

Alchemy Cordial Company

With a focus on the retail and foodservice markets both internationally and in their native Australia, Alchemy Cordial Company began with a focus on crafting cordials, but rapidly expanded to produce Australia’s First Coffee Syrups and Chai Concentrates. Their plant based, gluten and dairy-free beverages are now used in cafés, bars, restaurants, delicatessens and supermarkets globally.

Products: Coffee syrup, chai, superfood elixirs, sauces, smoothie bases, iced tea, frappes, classic cordials, cafe packs, spice grinder, pumps

Capri Sun UK Ltd

Truly iconic to adults and children alike, Capri Sun’s signature juice pouches have been a mainstay of packed lunches and more for decades. Capri Sun drinks have always been made with real fruit juice and water, and no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours, but now boast a recyclable paper straw, 50% less sugar, and an expanded range that includes low sugar and no sugar options.

Products: Orange juice pouches, tropical juice pouches, blackcurrant juice pouches, jungle juice pouches, orange juice big pouch, cherry juice big pouch, orange squash, tropical squash, summer fruits squash

Chilli Mash Company Ltd

Award-winning UK based, raw ingredients producer and condiment Manufacturer Chilli Mash Company was founded in 2016, born from the merging of 2 existing chilli sauce companies. Priding themselves on mind-blowing heat and mouth-watering flavour, the company’s goal is to be the largest independent, UK headquartered producer of fresh chilli, chilli mashes and purees, condiments, and dry spices.

Products: Banana jam, jalapeno mustard, Scotch bonnet pickle, Urusenda, reaper chutney, reaper mayo, reaper ketchup, naga pickle, chilli jam, hot sauce, chilli puree, chilli oils, vegan alternatives, pickles, chutneys, fresh chilli

Colian UK Limited

Colian is a Polish family business that has been delivering high quality products to the market under the name of brands known in Poland and abroad since 1990, when founders Barbara and Jan Kolanski and their family established a small business specialising in the production of herbs and spices. With a focus on development, the company has now flourished to offer consumers home and abroad, with a whole host of food products.

Products: Polish confectionary, nuts, dried fruits, Polish biscuits, desserts, Polish sparkling beverages, Polish non-carbonated beverages, herbs, spices, spice blends


The first brand to offer character chocolate in the UK (back in 1978), Andrew Sellers and Clive Beecham created Kinnerton Confectionery after coming up with the idea of making chocolates depicting the nation’s children’s favourite characters. With a unique blend of characters and licences, the business is proud to be popular not just amongst kids, but big kids too.

Products: Confectionary, chocolate bars, chocolate buttons, advent calendars, chocolate lollipops

Milish Foods Limited

A privately owned family bakery established in 1959, Millsh Foods has had generations of experience in the development and manufacture of premium muffin and scone ranges, and is now recognised as one of the leaders in contract bakery manufacturing. Dedicated to the highest standards of quality, product safety, consistency and integrity are at the cornerstone of what Milish do, with products batch baked with hands-on care by skilled bakers using traditional techniques enhanced with modern baking methods.

Products: Muffins, scones, seasonal scones

PA Ross Ltd

PA Ross are experts in bringing impulse, bakery and frozen products to UK retailers. The Knutsford-based company was founded in 1997, and has spent decades building up their reputation, knowledge of the market and relationships with retailers. It’s this experience and expertise across numerous categories that has made them a go-to for Manufacturers keen to develop products and brands, and launch or build sales in the UK, with the company tailoring their service to each customer’s particular business needs.

Products: Easter eggs, truffles and dragees, hollow chocolate figures, coated balls and eggs, bread loaves, rolls, baguettes

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