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Manufacturers: How to prepare for the new updates coming to Erudus

Yes, it’s true - on the 8th January, Erudus is getting a major upgrade. Improvements to the system, new features and additions that have come as a direct result of user feedback. And now it’s time to get ready for them.

For the most part, all you’ll have to do is sit back and enjoy the upgrades that will make using Erudus easier and more effective than ever.

However, there will be some changes that will affect data in our Manufacturers users' accounts, and these will require some action prior to launch. We’ve rounded them all up here, so you can tick them off your list.

And since the launch date for your new and improved Erudus is 8 January, we’d like to kindly ask you to do the following before then:

Send us a logo

Firstly, we want to showcase you to the best possible advantage on the platform, so we’re requesting a high-res company logo (in either jpeg or png format) larger than 500px, and ideally 72dpi - because when it comes to logo quality, bigger really is better.

You can either add the logo to your account, or send it to us via if you require assistance.

An example of a company logo

Complete short product names

On our improved Erudus platform the short product name will be used to standardise product names within the Data Pool - offering a cleaner experience when data is fed directly to 3rd party systems and saving you from having to input duplicate information.

Instead of having to fill out a long name that includes the product's weight and number of units and appears everywhere on the platform, and then additionally fill out fields for weight and number of units, Manufacturers will be able to simply fill out a preferred short name, then fill out the weight and number of units, and the platform will combine these 3 components into 1 name. The short name will be automatically used for tools like label printer solutions, and the platform will automatically pull in the weight and number of units to add to the short name for the name at the top of the product specification.

For example, instead of a customer’s label printer solution picking up a product name like “Erudus Chilli Lime Crisps 32x25g”, the product specification’s short product name will be used and the label printer will instead receive the display “Chilli Lime Crisps”. This is a better UI, resulting in less management from end users and a smoother experience all around. On the Erudus specficiation for this product the name "Chilli Lime Crisps 32/25g" will be at the top, with additional information such as Manufacturer name just below.

To ensure this is effective, we’d ask that you make sure the short product name field has been filled out on all of your specifications.

The 'Short Product Name', 'Number of units in a case' and the 'Inner product weight' attributes are concatenated together to form the 'Product Display Name'. Directly underneath is the 'Manufacturer's Product Name'.

Ensure inner product weight is complete

We are retiring the free text box driven “weight/volume” attribute used on specifications, instead standardising the input of the inner product weight attribute to assist the standardisation of product names within Erudus - as well as standardising the data in the attribute so it can be consumed more easily and avoid confusing data or descriptions from appearing on specifications.

The 'Inner Product Weight' Attribute

For this reason, we request that the inner product weight attribute is completed for all products.

Review packaging data and ensure it is complete

This is a big one - with new legislation having already been introduced around waste packaging, more on the way (such as Extended Producer Responsibility) and its continued reputation as a hot-button issue, our improved platform has been designed to make waste packaging (and more) crystal-clear to track and display. Not only will this make it easier for Manufacturers to comply with legislation, but it will provide an enhanced experience for their Wholesaler customers too.

You’ll be seeing an entirely new packaging data model, with new attributes, and to make the transition smoother we recommend (though don’t require) you input all of your waste packaging data into the current specifications. Then it’ll simply be a case of reviewing your information on the new platform and adding a couple of additional packaging components rather than starting from scratch.

Add images to products

Imagery truly has never been as critical to e-commerce success as it is right now - good product images can make all the difference for attracting both Wholesalers and their customers.

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Now of course, it is not mandatory to publish product imagery against a specification but since they are highly sought after from Wholesalers, and having them on your Erudus specifications will ultimately reduce the number of individual requests you’ll receive, doing so benefits everyone. It also means that your products are presented exactly as you would like them, and prevent any images of your products not approved by you from appearing.

And if you’ve not already taken advantage of the 10 free Image Capture credits you’re entitled to as an Erudus user, this is the ideal time to do so. Simply send 10 of your products to our Image Capture team and they’ll shoot and retouch pack and case shots, front, left and right angled shots for each, then add them to your product specifications and the Erudus Image Hub. You can find out more about our Image Capture service here.

Review any product specifications over 3 years old

User feedback has indicated that a pain point for our Manufacturer users is the monthly data confirmation alerts they receive - whereby Manufacturers are required to acknowledge a notice on their account once a month that states that all of the product data in their account is up to date and accurate.

We appreciate this can be a needless chore for those Manufacturers who do not change their product recipes or manufacturing processes regularly, and as such, going forward Erudus will be adopting a new process in which we do not send these alerts, but through ad hoc product reviews and account activity, we will make sure that product specifications left un-reviewed for over 3 years will be removed from the platform. This is to ensure that there can be confidence in the data held in Erudus throughout the supply chain, and reduce the risk of out-dated specifications being left unreviewed.

The new process will begin as soon as the platform updates take place on 8 January 2024, and since our reviews will be rigorous we strongly recommend that Manufacturers look over any ageing product specifications and update them prior to this date to ensure a smooth transition to the improved sysyem, and reduce the risk of their specifications being removed from Erudus.

Manufacturers will be notified of any specifications that are older than 3 years first in-app and then through the Erudus team.

Manufacturer Users can use the 'Last Updated' date in the 'Published Products' list to find specifications over 3 years old

What next?

For now, you don’t need to do anything other than the above. But be sure to check our News section regularly for exclusive previews and updates about all the exciting new features and improvements coming to Erudus.

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