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The Takeaway - June 2020

Welcome to June’s edition of The Takeaway. The past few months have been a challenge to us all, but as always there’s still plenty going on in the food industry. We’ve put together some of our favourite stories of late – both those that inform and those that entertain….

The most unsettling thing you’ve ever seen at a restaurant

A funny one to start – the Jezebel community reminisce about the trials and tribulations of dining out and working in foodservice.

Read the full story,here.

As consumers retreat to old favourites will coronavirus be the death of challenger brands?

The Grocer investigates how small start-up brands in the food industry are being affected by consumer spending habits during lockdown.

Read the fully story,here.

My restaurant was my life for 20 years. Does the world still need it anymore?

The proprietor of popular NYC eatery Prune gives The New York Times her thoughtful and nuanced insight to being a restaurant owner in these challenging times.

Read the full story,here.

Fury of UK farmers as public sector Caterers vow to cut meat by 20%

As discussed in Episode 5 of our Erudus Podcast, farmers aren’t happy about Caterers to schools, hospitals and care homes cutting their meat options down. The Daily Mail reports…

Read the full story,here.

12 Cooking tips so good they’ve been passed down for generations

Buzzfeed asked their readers to share the cherished cooking tips passed down in their family. And they delivered….

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