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Shrove Tuesday Pancake Toppings Debate

Lashings of syrup or just a little drizzle? Stacked like a stairway to heaven or rolled to perfection? When it comes to Shrove Tuesday, everyone has a different opinion on the best way to eat a pancake – as we found out in Episode 2 of the Eurdus Podcast.

In China they love Scallion Pancakes, and the Swedes go for Raggmunk (a savoury potato pancake), but here in the UK strawberries and cream was the most popular topping of last year (according to a report by UberEats*) followed by banana and then Nutella.

Indeed we are a nation of pancake lovers, and keen to see how things are shaping up for 2020 we asked some of our friends around the foodservice industry to see where they stand in the great pancake topping debate…

Farzy Dickson, Technical Coordinator, Foodfellas Ltd

“For my choice of pancake, it would be cinnamon with lashings of maple syrup, [it’s] a delicious and indulgent breakfast treat. It has the sweet and warming taste of cinnamon, and is also ideal for any season – especially autumn and winter.”

Andrew Stevenson, Customer Support Executive, Erudus

“When I was a child, Shrove Tuesday always meant thin crêpe style pancakes with either golden syrup or lemon juice and sugar. Very traditional British toppings – as made apparent from talking to friends and colleagues. However, I lived with an American friend for a time and learned that not only are pancakes not just for Shrove Tuesday, but that pancakes need not be floppy and flimsy. When I hear ‘pancakes’ now, my mind wanders to thoughts of fluffy pillowy cakes stacked high, slathered in maple syrup and topped with crisp, salty bacon.

The salty and sweet combo of the syrup and the bacon is delightful on the palette and the absorbency of the fluffy cakes ensures that not a single drop of the golden nectar is wasted as I use them to mop the plate clean. Crêpes will always give me fond memories of Shrove Tuesday with the family but as we grow, we learn, and I have had my eyes and taste buds opened to a much better way of consuming pancakes.”

Lindiwe Lewis' favourite Pancakes
Another of Lindiwe's favourites Pancake toppings

Lindiwe Lewis, Food Blogger – The Allergy Table.

“I love pretty much anything on Pancakes, and I do try to change it up each time… however the one that never fails me is frozen fruit, yoghurt and chocolate.

The frozen fruit melts in conjunction with the warm pancake and becomes soft. Yoghurt is a really nice way to get in protein, and if the pancakes come out dry it is a great dip. Chocolate because chocolate tastes great on everything. I use nomo, plamil or cocoa libre – all dairy-free and nut-free. I’m also obsessed with warmed lotus spread.

To me Pancakes symbolise the weekend – having longer to cook breakfast, taking time with the ingredients to get the consistency right. I put effort into how they look on the plate and when they are done, I sit at the table and tuck in, savouring every bite. It is my favourite time of the week!”

Lisa Inglis, Office Manager, Pancake World Ltd.

“We are passionate about all things crêpe related but having to choose the best topping is like being asked to pick your favourite child! After much debate and deliberation, [I’m] going to cheat a little and do one sweet one savoury.

The Sweet – Fresh raspberries and white chocolate sauce sprinkled with Lotus Biscoff crumbs – sweet, and a little tart with a hint of salty caramel from the crumbs. An in-mouth sensation!

The Savoury – A classic from our Festival stalls, ‘Veggie Veggie’ – roasted red pepper, garlic mushroom, spinach, pesto and mature cheddar – you’ve nearly got your 5 a day there! Naturally they taste best when made with Pancake World’s own amazing crepe mix, which is on Erudus.”

Sweet Crepes

Victoria McEwan, Marketing Assistant, Erudus

“What makes you happy? What is the meaning of life? What are your favourite Pancake toppings? These are all tough questions. I’m a food lover, and most things taste good on pancakes let’s be honest. But call me basic because I am a die-hard lemon and sugar fan. Less is always more and it’s truly delicious. You can’t go wrong with it – it’s simple, but very effective. Plus, without thick globs of Nutella, marshmallows and biscuits smothered all over your pancake, you can eat as many as your heart desires without getting sick of them. ”

The Team from Monsieur Crepe Café.

We asked the team at the Monsieur Crepe Café for their own to die to for pancake toppings:

Lauren, “Strawberry and peach slices.”

Alison, “White chocolate and peach.”

Eliza, “Lemon and sugar with a cheeky drizzle of maple syrup.”

Gary, “White chocolate and Oreo cookie.”

Marc, “Dark chocolate and mandarin oranges.”

You can learn more about the Monsieur Crepe Café and their business success in Episode 2 of The Erudus Podcast.

Delicious Crepe's from the Monsieur Crepe Cafe

Charlotte Kidd, North East Food Blogger – charlottekidd.eats

“Pancakes are one of my favourite things to eat and I love making an epic stack too. If I had to choose one topping combination to eat for the rest of my life, it would probably be chocolate, banana, peanut butter and syrup because it’s a combo which works so well together. I love how the chocolate melts from the heat of the pancakes and banana to make you feel a bit less guilty for the indulgent treat!”

So, what do you like on your Pancakes? Let us know via our social channels, and if you want to know more about the origins of Shrove Tuesday you can do so by listening to our podcast.


Charlotte Kidd's Pancake Stack