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You Should Know... Erudus Powers E-Commerce

If you’re an Erudus user, no doubt you already know about some of the helpful things we do – like providing incredibly accurate nutritional and allergen data for over 64.8k food products and creating powerful search tools like Query Builder.

But we guarantee there’s a whole host of things Erudus does that you don’t yet know about.  This series aims to help you find out, and this week we’re kicking off with… Erudus powers e-commerce. 

So how do we do this?

Erudus is a universal source of data, with all information coming directly from the Manufacturers. This data is accessible from the system at all times, all from one place – eliminating the need for Wholesalers to get data individually from each manufacturer, saving lots of time and effort.  

Wholesalers use different ERP and e-commerce systems for a range of reasons; deliveries, inventory management and ordering platforms for their customers. 

Now let’s look at the likes of Biggest Shed, RNF and SwiftCloud, e-commerce/ mobile ordering platforms and Erudus integration partners. We help to enrich their systems by populating them with product data that they otherwise wouldn’t have. This is done and kept up-to-date via an API (Application Programme Interface) that allows the two systems to talk to each other. 

This provides all of our integration partners’ thousands of users with Erudus’s allergen, nutrition, diet suitability, and storage information, as well as imagery. 

That’s how we power e-commerce.