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Erudus… has an advanced Technical Data Search

Here at Erudus we’re all about creating solutions to make the lives of those in the foodservice industry easier. Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Caterers can all enjoy the benefits of our accurate, comprehensive Data Pool, and time and money saving range of tools and resources.

And we think it’s time to give those Solutions the spotlight they deserve. This week we’re exploring Erudus’s advanced Technical Data Search.

What is it? A powerful product search application packed full of value adding features. Technical Data Search offers over 200 attributes for each product – from allergen and nutritional content to waste packaging.

Quick and easy search functionality coupled with Erudus' powerful query builder allows you to carry out simple or complex product searches with ease.

Who is it for?

Whilst a handy tool for all Erudus users, this solution is a must for every Wholesaler – in addition to accessing all the product specifications you need for e-commerce, you can carry out simple or complex product searches and match your own ‘local codes’ to branded products held in our Data Pool.

Need to know how many of the products you stock are gluten free? BRC accredited? Contain less than 2 grams of fat? Maybe you’re looking for a single product that combines all 3. Technical Data Search can find what you need, quickly and efficiently.

What does it cover?

Pretty much every specification you can think of is included in our Technical Data Search, including:

  • Inner pack, outer case and pallet values captured
  • Identifiers descriptions, codes (vendor’s. wholesaler’s and GTIN’s (Barcodes) plus category information)
  • Logistics e.g. dimensions and weights
  • Country of Origin
  • Waste Packaging including transport
  • Handling & Storage instructions
  • Product Imagery
  • Allergens, legally required EU 14 Majors Allergens plus nut and cereal sub groups
  • Nutritional data (Front and back of pack)
  • Diet Suitability (Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal, Kosher, Coeliac, Lactose intolerant)
  • Accreditation & Certification (e.g BRC)
  • Assurance Schemes (e.g. Red Tractor)
  • Microbiological & Analytical Standards
Logistics, storage and Pallet information just a click away.
Tree Nut Allergen Information including sub allergens readily available

What are the added benefits?

Once you’ve made your Technical Data Search you can view on screen product reports that you can print and download as a PDF, or use one of our pre-formatted CSV export options and upload to popular 3rd party software providers or your own platforms.

Looking to see which accreditations and assurance schemes a product carries? Once you’ve done the search you can download and save any relevant certificates straight from Erudus.

If imagery is what you need, you can search for and access hundreds of product images available on the Erudus Image Hub. Accessible via API, you can also download and print these images as needed.

Want to know more?

Head over to the Technical Data Search Solution page for further information.