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The Erudus Podcast: National Burger Day

The burger is truly a food icon, from the no frills fast food burger to-go to the gourmet creations posted on Instagram as if they were pieces of art. And with National Burger Day coming up on 26 August, we’ve decided to spend the whole month celebrating burgers… starting with August’s installment of The Erudus Podcast.

The star guest for this installment is Ben Martin, the chef director of London based burger restaurant Cut+Grind - famous not only for their award winning burgers, but for also grinding their own beef for the patties.

Ben and host Andrew are exploring every aspect of creating the perfect burger, from the expansion of meat-free alternatives and identifying the ideal sides, to the importance of allergen management and the challenges faced by those in the burger industry right now.

Ben also takes Andrew through the Cut+Grind story, menu development and experiencing victory at the 2018 Burger Awards.

It’s enough to make your mouth water…

And as usual we’re dipping into and exploring some of the biggest industry news stories of the month, including

The industry outcry when hospitality workers were not included in the COVID-19 isolation exemption.


Foodservice giant Sysco consolidating its 5 UK Wholesalers under one group.

Interested? You can listen to Season 2 - Episode 4 of The Erudus Podcast here, or directly below.

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