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New Integration Partner:

We’re excited to announce a new Integration Partner!

RNF, one of the UK’s leading B2B digital service providers, has long held a successful API partnership with Erudus. So naturally when they announced their latest app we were keen to get involved. looks to expand on the services already offered by RNF – as Rob Mannion, founder and CEO of the company explains, “We’d been working in Wholesale for a number of years, and soon established that only a handful of Wholesalers had the resources to have their own bespoke apps to be developed. As a result we decided to create a customer ordering solution that was accessible to Wholesalers of all sizes and was born.”

A great idea, and so we decided to bring on as an Integration Partner in its own right. Here’s everything you need to know about the partnership…

The buzzword is ‘freemium’ Rob Mannion, founder and CEO of RNF says: “The service has been built in a cutting edge web-first technology which can be upgraded to an app in the app stores and we have opted for a unique freemium commercial model allowing all of our customers to utilize our services at zero cost, with the option to subscribe to premium features should they wish to.”

It’s primed for a tech-focused, post-COVID-19 world

“ allows Wholesalers to offer digital ordering to their customers via an app that works on mobile, table and desktop. It means customers can place orders 24/7 when it suits them – not just when the Wholesaler is open. This reduces reliance on telesales teams and increases order accuracy and efficiencies. also allows Wholesalers to place advertising in the form of banners and ads within the app. This can help drive sales and also create an additional revenue stream.” will capitalise on Erudus’s extensive Data Pool

“From a health and a lifestyle perspective there is an increasing need for accurate and reliable product information. With the being directly used by chefs all over the country we can ensure that this information is on hand when needed.

We intend to create a highly compelling integration to our product ensuring that the Erudus data-set is highly accessible ensuring a quality user experience.” Mobile App believe this is an essential partnership…

“Erudus is the market-leading provider of allergen, nutrition and technical product information and if you want to work with foodservice Wholesalers you simply have to have an integration with Erudus. The additional information and functionality that [Erudus] provides will encourage Wholesalers to sign up to as it will mean they are able to offer a better experience and service to their customers.”

…and Erudus agree

Jon Shayler, COO of Erudus says: “RNF is a developer that commands great respect within the industry, and our Integration Partnership to date has been hugely successful – so I’m delighted that their latest venture is coming to Erudus as an Integration Partner in their own right. is exactly the kind of innovative and forward-thinking development the industry needs, and that Erudus intent to align ourselves with.”

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