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Merlin Integration Partnership

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software house Merlin, who provide an adaptable business software solution and promise to offer their customers upgrades and improvements throughout the year.

By integrating with Erudus they’ll be living up to that promise, and we couldn’t be happier that another forward-thinking company will be using our API to provide their customers with product data and key product specifications including allergens, dietary and packaging information. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Merlin’s integration with Erudus…

Merlin & Erudus API

It’s happening very soon

Merlin Sales and Marketing Director Ashley Jones says: “We are looking forward to bringing our Erudus integration on-line in early 2020 for both existing and new customers to take advantage of, and recognise that working closely with Erudus adds a very important string to our bow”.

Merlin are responding to their customer’s growing need for up-to-date data

Ashley says: “The food and drink distribution industry has been a key market sector for us since the early days of the business, and we’ve recognised the vital importance for our customers to have instant access to accurate and up to date product information on ingredients and allergens; so we jumped at the chance to develop an Erudus integration with one of our customers.”

Allergen information is among the star attractions for Merlin

Ashley says: “Clearly the allergen information that Erudus provides is the top priority to help when serving customers and processing orders, however the barcode/GTIN information and product imagery will help our Merlin users to fully populate their product data to help improve their warehouse and e-commerce activities.”

Merlin & Erudus API

They hope having this wealth of product information will help attract new customers

Ashley says: “Merlin is already well-established in the food and drink sector, however having the breadth of Erudus product information ‘on tap’ will only serve to attract more names in the industry to the Merlin family.  One existing Merlin customer is also an Erudus user, and they have explained that the new integration will save them a considerable number of hours of time each month, otherwise spent manually keying in and importing Erudus data.  We can only imagine the combined effect of this across our customer-base.”

Erudus COO Jon Shayler is excited about the partnership

Jon says:

I’m pleased to welcome Merlin into the integration partnership fold, and look forward to seeing their customers reap the benefits. Integration partnerships such as this allow us to push food product data even further across the industry, supporting brands, wholesalers and caterers alike. All of the team at Erudus are looking forward to seeing the benefits our mutual customers will unlock over the coming months, and we’d like to thank the development team at Merlin for their efforts in making this happen so quickly. It’s a time-consuming process for the foodservice chain to manage product specification data, and exploring options with companies such as Merlin allows us to reach more people and make their life easier.

We’re thrilled about Merlin’s integration with the Erudus Data Pool – it reinforces our commitment to partner with software providers in order to push product data further afield within the food industry. This is another significant step forward in making a single source of truth reach further across the food industry.

Merlin has a long and rich history in the software game

Merlin is an innovative ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software house, established in 1974, with 65 employees and over 350 customers of all shapes and sizes spread across the whole of the UK and Ireland. They create, install and support business software solutions for wholesale and distribution companies. Merlin incorporates telesales, cash & carry, CRM, business intelligence, management accounts, stock control, warehouse management, delivery planning and a whole host of mobile apps for external sales reps, delivery drivers and warehouse operations.

In short, Merlin helps customers increase sales, improve margins, reduce costs, save time and money, and gain more customers.