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Caternet Integration Partnership

It’s been a productive summer here at Erudus, as we welcome yet another integration partner to the Erudus family – Caternet, Powered by Zupa.

Designed to help food businesses in the Catering sector modernise their financial admin, reduce overheads, control spending and buy more competitively from their chosen suppliers,

Caternet, Powered by Zupa works with the brand likes of GRIND, Wadworth, COSMO, MyLahore, Parogon Pub Group, Radish and Fooditude. Their software is also used by the NHS in London and Leeds, plus the Seckford Foundation, Sanctuary Care, and McCarthy & Stone.

With introductions out of the way, here’s everything you need to know about Erudus’s integration with Caternet, Powered by Zupa…

Helping Caterers is a major priority Neil Shayle, Commercial Director at Zupa says “Caternet can be traced back over 15 years and serves a complete range of businesses including restaurants, pub groups, education providers, contract caterers and care providers in the UK. There are over 35 groups using the software across over 1,000 sites. We help businesses control their prices and margins by sourcing live prices from their suppliers with approvals processes and comparison tools for products. We enable recipe building to check margins on dishes and forecast profitability. We help manage risk by bringing live nutrition and allergen information from suppliers and manufacturers. We help improve operational efficiency by making transactions paperless and cut the time spent dealing with supplier deliveries, invoices, and credit notes before they hit a finance system.”

Caternet, Powered by Zupa

Data sourced directly from Manufacturers is key Neil says: “Growing legislative and consumer demand to disclose allergen, sub allergen and nutrition data shouldn’t stand in the way of growing your business. Publishing ingredients and allergens to interactive menus, across a wide range of convenient, always-on channels has proven itself to build trust and amplify footfall. Guests can avoid bad experiences by planning ahead, whether you’re a seasonal catering operator or large and varied hospitality estate. And for the commercial kitchen, if your Wholesalers have chosen to supply data through the live connection to Erudus, you can be sure your details are sourced directly from the manufacturer and your recipes are always correct.”

Caternet, Powered by Zupa see Erudus’s Allergen & Nutritional Data Search as a natural fit for their software Neil says: “Over 2,995 food manufacturers share their product specification data using the Erudus data pool. They now share it with Caternet too. Allergen & Nutritional Data Search is a ready-to-use integration embedded into Caternet’s Recipe module. For our thousands of suppliers, this gives a further paperless choice, saving time and money whilst mitigating risk.”

Caternet Recipe Plan Software

The partnership will help take chefs out of the office and back into the kitchen Neil says: “The new Erudus API integration cements our position as market leader in recipe, allergen and nutrition management. Coupled with our automated digital HACCP food safety analysis guidelines, it helps take chefs out of the office and back into the kitchen – where they’re happiest! Everyone from the chef-manager to head office benefits when processes are streamlined. Removing the manual task of updating cookbooks, websites and other channels, returns time and money into your business. Our partnership supercharges Caternet Menu Publishing too. You can include this additional layer of data into live, accurate and custom branded menus to mobile apps, in-store digital displays, websites and social media platforms. You have chosen a controlled operation with a wide overview of risk, especially when approved buying lists are used correctly.

Caternet Nutritional Analysis

Caternet, Powered by Zupa believe their community can now enjoy unmatched confidence in their supply chain Neil says: “Operators in every catering sector look to cut their manual processes, whether to save time and money, reduce risk or provide a better service. Our exciting partnership with Erudus is another important milestone in our decades-long journey to help them achieve this. The Erudus Data Pool is integrated through our powerful Recipes module and lets manufacturers determine whether they continue to provide allergen and nutrition data to kitchens through our supplier portal or have their products populated automatically via API. As Natasha’s Law grows closer, our community now enjoys unmatched confidence in their supply chain. A single source of truth eliminates guesswork, supports compliance, and promotes a great guest experience.”

Erudus see Caternet, Powered by Zupa, as a great match Jon Shayler, COO of Erudus says: “Caternet, Powered by Zupa is a fantastic fit for Erudus and I’m delighted to welcome them to the fold. Caternet works with some of the UK’s best-loved hospitality brands, and like Erudus is a forward thinking company seeking to make a difference with technological advances and innovative software – we’re very excited about the potential benefits to be reaped from this partnership by our mutual customers.

With our shared goals, this is another step forward in our goal to share food product data even further across the industry and make life easier for the many people involved in foodservice.”

Caternet, Powered by Zupa

What Caternet, Powered by Zupa offers:

  • Paperless Purchase-to-Pay
  • Easy EPoS and finance package integrations
  • Live price guide with traffic light system
  • Digital menu publishing
  • Centralised spend control and authorisation
  • Digital ingredient and nutrition publishing
  • Live priced recipes, portion planning and margins
  • Interactive reporting and forecasting dashboards
  • Bespoke recipe cards and daily specials
  • Consultancy and project management services

Find out more about Caternet, Powered by Zupa here