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Blue Rock Systems Integration Partnership

We’re happy to announce ERP software house Blue Rock Systems as Erudus’s newest integration partner. With offices in Nottingham and Southampton, Blue Rock Systems work primarily with Merchants, Distributors and Wholesalers who are keen to utilise modern technology to drive efficiency and profit in their business.

Specialising in modern software for forward-thinking businesses, Blue Rock Systems are a great fit for Erudus, and bring with them 30 years of combined team experience within the industry.

Here’s everything you need to know about Blue Rock Systems’s integration with Erudus…

Blue Rock Systems believe collaboration is key to benefiting their customers Blue Rock Systems Sales Director Glen Jewell says: “Collaboration in the food industry is critical for sharing legally required information, such as allergens. This [Erudus] solution will be of great benefit to our customers in this industry.”

A shared goal for truth in data has brought the companies together “One of our core values at Blue Rock Systems is to supply our customers with fully integrated ERP systems that provide ‘a single version of the truth.’ Erudus has a similar ethos, and understands the importance of accessibility to crucial data; as well as the benefits of eliminating the blame culture that can arise when using disparate systems.

Blue Rock Systems intend to make the most of Erudus’s entire solution range “As Blue Rock work throughout the supply chain, it is likely that we will utilise most of the Erudus features on offer at some point. Our Manufacturers will be keen to benefit from the nutritional and allergen online data sources and our Wholesaler(s) likewise with the addition of recipe ideas.”

Blue Rock Systems have the bigger picture in mind “Our initial development is to provide integration from our e-commerce solution to Erudus to provide buyers and consumers with a fuller picture of the product that they are enquiring about. We will also aim to integrate this directly into the back office systems (Intact IQ and Microsoft Dynamics Nav and D365) so that operators can provide a fuller level of customer service.”

Erudus stand to benefit too Erudus COO Jon Shayler says: “I’m delighted to welcome Blue Rock Systems into the Erudus fold, and to align with another forward-thinking business who share our commitment to providing a single source of truth across the food industry.

Blue Rock Systems work with multiple technologies, and the potential benefits to be reaped from this partnership by our mutual customers is incredibly exciting. Managing product specification data is a time-consuming process for the foodservice chain, and integrations like this help make that process faster, easier and more efficient.

Our integration with Blue Rock Systems is another step forward in our goal to share food product data even further across the industry, supporting brands, Wholesalers and Caterers alike.”

It’s the customers who will be the biggest winners in the partnership Glen Jewell says: “Erudus will help Blue Rock Systems to strengthen the position of their customers. Using fully integrated, modern ERP software alongside Erudus will enable our customers to take advantage of the benefits that come from a truly collaborative environment.”

What Blue Rock Systems offer