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Our Image Capture service has launched!

You’ll know by now that Erudus is the one stop shop for all of your food data sharing needs, with a range of solutions created specifically to make your life easier. Well, we’ve another one to add to the roster – a fast, reliable and cost effective Image Capture service.

Here’s everything you need to know…

Why launch it now?

Good product imagery has never been more important. Having standardised packshots for e-commerce is no longer just a great way to showcase your products, in today’s tech-forward, post COVID-19 world it’s a must for succeeding in the foodservice industry. The challenge businesses in this industry have faced up to now is that product photography is expensive, so what we’ve set out to do is invest in technology to create a service that is affordable and cost-effective. Good product photography shouldn’t cost the earth, and that’s why we’ve launched our Image Capture solution.

What does it offer?

Our Image Capture service uses cutting edge technology to deliver images at both high resolution for print, and web-optimized for use on e-commerce platforms. It covers pack and case shots, with 3 perspectives covered in each – Front, Left Angled, and Right Angled, on perfect white backgrounds in a variety of sizes up to 5,000 by 5,000 pixels.

All shots taken are automatically uploaded to the product’s specifications in Erudus and made available to Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Integration Partners to download and use, via the Erudus Image Hub and API.

Packshot - Left Angled

How can it benefit Manufacturers?

Our Image Capture service is the most cost effective solution for generating packshots for your own company use and beyond. The perfect showcase for your products, the images can be used for everything from internal communications to advertising and marketing needs.

Erudus Image Capture is also the easiest way to provide up-to-date and constant product photography for your entire range, to all of your Wholesalers and other customers in the foodservice industry at once. Click here to see the Wholesalers already using Erudus.

How can it benefit Wholesalers?

The growth of e-commerce in the Wholesale industry means having access to product imagery has never been more important. Our Image Capture service allows your Manufacturers to utilise access to thousands of print quality and web optimised packshots. Which in turn means you can now access standardised imagery, and all of your product specification requirements from a single source. It’s the fastest, simplest and most efficient way to view food data.

Perfect packshots for e-commerce.

How much does it cost?

We’re committed to helping the industry and as such will be providing the service completely free of charge until the end of 2020.

Making this a cost-effective solution for our users has been a driving force when developing the service, and even after our free promotion ends in 2021, we’re confident that Image Capture is affordable for everyone. And the larger volume of photography you commit to the more you’ll save. Perfect for those with large product ranges.

It’s important to us to have a wholly transparent approach when it comes to the pricing structure of Image Capture and to find out more, you can either visit its Solution page here or get in touch with our Support Team via or on 0333 121 89 99.

Case Shot - Left Angled

How does it work? It couldn’t be easier, simply book your products in, send them to us, and we’ll photograph them within 7 days of receipt.

At the moment it’s our policy not to return products unless you make a specific request and arrangements for us to do so, but we have a good reason – we’re in the process of finalising partnerships with local food banks who will make sure the products go to a home where they’re much needed.

You can find out more about Image Capture on the Solution page here.