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Meet some exciting new additions to Erudus…

Each month our Data Pool Update lists all the new Manufacturers and Wholesalers joining Erudus. But here we take a closer look at some of the businesses adding their products to Erudus, because our new additions are always worth celebrating…

4 Aces Limited

As a leading food packaging supplier, 4 Aces have provided quality products and services to the food and beverage industry for over 2 decades. Their experienced and skilled team of global sourcing experts have created a 1 stop shop for all packaging needs including core range, new product development and future proofing companies’ sustainable requirements.

Products: Hot cups to go, cold cups to go, lids, plates, bags, cutlery, portion pots, bowls, pizza boxes, burger wraps, cup dispensers, cup holders, water bottles

Clearly Drinks Ltd

Built on innovation and agility, Clearly Drinks has led the way in manufacturing for over 135 years, becoming the go to people for designing drinks that everyone can enjoy, from source to sip in the process. The business boasts 4 lines and capability across PET, glass or can, and have placed focus on using less plastics, more recyclability and aim to be net zero by 2035.

Products: Flavoured water, spring water, sports drinks, juice

Grace’s Perfect Blend

With a history in the UK and Ireland’s food industry spanning half a century, it's little wonder the Grace family have perfected fried chicken - using an original recipe blend of twelve herbs and spices that gives their chicken a unique flavour. Their premium fried chicken breading and flavoured blends is available to restaurants and fast food outlets, and comes with premium customer service too.

Products: Fried chicken breading, taco spice, curry mix, gravy mix

Fairfax Meadow Europe Ltd

Offering a national supply of a huge range of meat products including their own Casterbridge West Country PGI Dry Aged Beef, Fairfax Meadow is the UK’s favourite foodservice catering butcher. Priding themselves on great quality meat and excellent service, Fairfax Meadow have been putting great meat on the menu for almost 50 years, and have won Butcher and Supplier of the Year awards consistently over two decades.

Products: Beef, lamb, poultry, game

Invictus Foods Ltd

Invictus Foods has over 25 years experience in bringing the ocean to the dinner table. Importing frozen seafood from around the world, their range boasts everything from farm-raised shrimp to Yellowfin tuna, mahi to octopus - premium seafood at affordable prices. Not only is it a place where seafood buyers can come for expert advice, they also welcome clients to let them know if they’re looking for something specific - they’ll be able to get it.

Products: Farm raised Cooked and Raw Shrimp - Black Tiger, White, Fresh Water, Wild caught Cooked PUDs, Yellow Fin Tuna, Octopus, Mahi

Love Corn Ltd

Love Corn makes delicious gluten-free, plant-based corn snacks - made with simple ingredients. Giving back and doing good through business is at the heart of what they do, building a team of fun, passionate, go-getters in the UK & USA focused on making the brand a household name and donating product and time to help the local community.

Products: Corn snacks

Love Joes

For over 30 years Love Joes have aimed to make life easier for kitchens across the country by scouring the foodie-world for fresh ideas and new ways to reinvigorate chicken on their customers’ menus. Their dedication to investment in technology and a skilled team keep them ahead of the game in everything they do - from bespoke coated chicken products and skilled hand butchery to food concepts.

Products: Chicken breast skewers, chicken thighs, chicken legs, chicken breasts, jerk chicken, tandoori chicken, cajun chicken slices

Willy’s ACV Ltd

Fermenting farmers Willy’s ACV founder Willy moved to The Mother Farm in 2005, and now creates live organic apple cider vinegar (and more) with the help of ‘The Mother’. The brand is on a mission to help all understand our live gut and how it affects everything in us, from our mood – mind – energy – blood sugar – weight- breathing- sleep and even our skin and hair.

Products: Apple cider vinegar, apple cider shots, kombucha, juice, switchel

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