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Meet some exciting new additions to Erudus…

Each month our Data Pool Update lists all the new Manufacturers and Wholesalers joining Erudus.

But here we take a closer look at some of the businesses adding their products to Erudus, because our new additions are always worth celebrating...

9 Meals From Anarchy Ltd

9 Meals From Anarchy’s range of stocks evolved from the question “why are most veg stocks available not made mostly with veg?” The collection has been developed to add flavour to risottos, stews, bbqs and more, and is underpinned by a belief that food should be as good for you and as good for the environment as possible.

Products: Vegetable stock, ketchup

Bells Food Group Ltd

Scotland's No.1 pie brand, family-founded Bells Food Group are famous for their range of pies and baked goods hand-finished with their signature special puff pastry. Available in all major supermarkets across the UK, their products have been created with only the finest ingredients for over 90 years.

Products: Pies, shell pies, bakes, puff pastry, cakes

Campbells Prime Meat Ltd

Supplying everyone from local customers to Michelin-starred restaurants with fresh meat and fish products, Campbell's roots go back to 1910 and young Edinburgh butcher Thomas Campbell. Their meat, fish and deli products are hand-cut to order and delivered directly to your doorstep.

Products: Beef, pork, lamb, chicken, fish, game, deli meats, deli cheeses, burgers, sausages, haggis, black pudding, BBQ meat boxes, ribs

Grazed Bakery

Founded in the Welsh countryside by husband and wife Mark and Renee, brownie and blondie specialists Grazed Bakery champion small batch baking, sustainability and quality ingredients - fusing large-scale operations with small business and family-run values. They also employ fully compostable or recyclable packaging.

Products: Brownies, blondies

iPro Sport Distribution Limited

iPRO Sports Distribution is the home of iPRO Hydrate, a healthy hydration drink made from water, carbohydrates sourced from Maltodextrin, and sweetened with Stevia plant extract. The brand places wellbeing at the heart of its chosen ingredients, and prides itself on being the perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Products: iPRO Hydrate sports drink, iPRO Student

Pan Marketing Limited

Distribution company Pan Marketing strives to provide their customers with the best possible prices and exceptional customer service when it comes to the range of high-quality confectionery products. Popular favourites and new and exciting flavours are all covered by the firm, who supply both huge chains and small retail stores.

Products: Canned wine, wine, canned cocktails, cakes, biscuits, muffins, cookies, candies, corn chips, tarts, pretzels, crackers, plantain chips, sweets, iced coffee, sports drinks, milkshake, disposable vapes

The Jolly Hog

The Jolly Hog sausages and bacon range - which includes Free Range, Outdoor Reared and Outdoor Bred - might all have slightly different pig-rearing methods, but they’re all made with British Outdoor Bred pork. Founded and run by 3 brothers, the company ensures that all of their pigs are reared according to RSPCA Assured guidelines.

Products: Sausages, pigs in blankets, hot dogs, pulled pork, bacon, ham

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