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A New Look for Erudus

Ready for Images?

It’s no secret that we’re working on a new solution for product images, one that will benefit both manufacturers and wholesalers using Erudus.

The product imagery solution will provide manufacturer users with an uncomplicated means of distributing their product images to the wider food industry and will build on the current integration with Nielsen Brandbank to drive efficiency and save time.

Wholesale users will have access to c.250,000 plus images, available to download in both ‘Web’ and ‘Print’ quality resolution. They’ll be a fantastic array of ‘Pack Shot’, ‘Lifestyle’ and ‘Case’ imagery and better still they’ll be accessible via the API!

Work is well underway, and we’re now starting to ramp up our preparations in anticipation for the product imagery solutions’ release.

We are going to start deploying updates in the coming weeks. The updates won’t alter any of the current functionality, and you will be able to carry on as using Erudus as usual; however, you might notice we’ve given Erudus a new image!

A New Image

We’re taking the opportunity to give Erudus a bit of a new image, nothing radical, its a subtle change and one that we think you’ll like, here’s a sneak peak…

The new look login screen. A new design, more secure and improved user authentication.
A fresh look for the powerful query builder

As mentioned we’re going to commence deploying the updates in the coming weeks, so you won’t have to wait too long for the new look Erudus. Again this update won’t affect the current functionality, and you will be able to continue to use Erudus as normal. We’d love to hear your feedback on the new look so please let us know what you think by dropping an email to the support team over on