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Image Capture Service

Product photography for everyone.

The importance of good product imagery

Having standardised packshots for e-commerce has become a primary requirement in today’s foodservice industry. Our fast, reliable and cost effective Image Capture service can help.

Every shot you could want

We cover all pack and case shots, and will take front, left and right angled shots as part of the Image Capture service.

Small enough for the web, big enough for print.

Cover all bases, from e-commerce to marketing and promotional materials with Image Capture. Our images come in a variety of sizes, optimised specifically for your end use, and going up to and including dimensions of 5,000 x 5,000 pixels.

Free to use

With Image Capture, Erudus are happy to give Manufacturers full rights and use of images. You’ll be able access and use your images as you wish, and they can be shared amongst whole teams and organisations for internal use, as well as marketing needs.

Storage and automatic uploads

All shots are automatically uploaded to the corresponding product’s specifications in the Erudus Data Pool, making them instantly available for you to view and download. Not only that, but we provide free storage online via our Image Hub, giving your images a safe and cost-effective home that’s accessible 24/7.

Reach your whole customer base in one go

Erudus Image Capture is the cutting edge solution for providing up-to-date product photography for your entire range. Furthermore, it’ll be available to all of your Wholesalers and Integration Partners in one go, ready for them to download and use as needed.

A simple process

It couldn’t be easier, simply book your products in, send them to us, and we’ll photograph them within 7 days of receipt.

Help a charity at the same time

Once we’re done photographing your food products we donate them to a local food bank.

Cost-effective Pricing

By investing in cutting edge technology, we’re making product photography more cost-effective than ever. No longer an extravagance, Erudus Image Capture is a solution that’s affordable for everyone.

And the larger volume of photography you commit to the more you’ll save, with our upcoming services offers. Perfect for those with large product ranges.

Packshot£15Per product
  • 1 x Packshot Front Angled
  • 1 x Packshot Left Angled
  • 1 x Packshot Right Angled
  • 1 x Back of Pack (Nutrition/Ingredients)
  • Captured at 5,000 x 5,000 px
  • Uploaded to Image Hub
Case + Packshot£22.50Per product
  • 1 x Case Shot Front Angled
  • 1 x Case Shot Left Angled
  • 1 x Case Shot Right Angled
  • 1 x Packshot Front Angled
  • 1 x Packshot Left Angled
  • 1 x Packshot Right Angled
  • 1 x Back of Pack (Nutrition/Ingredients)
  • Captured at 5,000 x 5,000 px
  • Uploaded to Image Hub

Large Volume?

Please contact us to discuss our ‘Photography as a service’ offer.

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