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The Takeaway - December 2019

Welcome to December’s edition of The Takeaway, our favourite food stories from around the web.

Welcome to December’s edition of The Takeaway, our favourite food stories from around the web this month and the perfect way to close out December as we look towards 2020…

Help! I am allergic to apples and was kicked off a plane

We always enjoy The New York Times’ ‘Tripped Up’ column, and this entry from 8 December is especially thought-provoking. Why are airlines allowed to discriminate against allergy sufferers, and what can be done about it? (And if you’re interested in reading more on the difficulties faced by allergy sufferers you should take a look at Beth’s Blog Part 2 here.

Read the full story, here.

Frustrated restauranter hits out at ‘faux dietaries’ who ruin Christmas

Earlier this month The Telegraph reported on another disagreement between a restaurant owner and customers with special dietary requirements – this time with a festive flavour. Scottish restauranter Vikki Wood made a case for why ‘fake dietaries’ are ruining the industry for caterers and real allergy sufferers alike.

Read the full story, here.

Food labels that connect calorie counts to exercise might change eating habits

There was energetic debate in the Erudus office last week about the recent study from Loughborough University showing that food labels showing the correlation between calories and physical activity might help people make better food choices. And though it was covered just about everywhere, The Takeout’s comments section gives this report the edge.

Read the full story, here.

The Complicated, Problematic Influence of TripAdvisor Restaurant Reviews

Intrigue, exploitation and the international tourist’s favourite travel site over at Eater – a great read on a lazy December afternoon.

Read the full story, here.

6 food heroes that shaped the decade

Being a Northeast business ourselves, any article celebrating Greggs is a winner in our book. This rundown of the foods that shaped the 2010s by The Guardian’s Zoe Williams is a fun way to close out the year.

Read the full story, here.