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Celebrate Cherry Season

Local, seasonal food has never been more in vogue and we couldn’t be happier about it. Not only does it mean menus bursting with fresh and tasty ingredients, but it’s great news for the British food industry.

With that in mind, 16th July is National Cherry Day – timed perfectly to coincide with the UK’s cherry season which usually runs a few short but glorious weeks from June to July (however they are easily preserved by being pitted and frozen so no need to panic if you miss the boat).

British-grown cherries have enjoyed a boom in recent years as producers have employed new techniques such as using dwarf root stock and microclimate tunnels with temperatures similar to that of our warmer European neighbours.

They’re the perfect ingredients for your summer recipes, so we’ve put together some helpful cherry facts and culinary inspiration….


Cherries are packed with polyphenols, which act as an anti-inflammatory and protect against cellular damage. Simply speaking, they help keep your heart healthy.

They’re also rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, which is always welcome news for your skin, immune system and digestive system amongst other things.

Something fitness enthusiasts will appreciate – several studies* have linked tart cherry juice to the acceleration of muscle recovery and a decrease in exercise-induced pain.

Cherries also contain fibre, potassium, calcium, vitamin A and Folic Acid.

Calories counters will be happy to know that there is less than 100 calories in a standard portion of cherries, and they’re full of metabolism-boosting B vitamins.

A study by scientists at Northumbria University even showed that cherry concentrate diluted with water can actively reduce your blood pressure, and slash the risk of heart disease and strokes.±

The UKs Cherry Season runs a few short weeks from June to July
Cook your cherries down into a sauce and use to glaze meat dishes


So now we know why incorporating cherries into your recipes is an excellent idea, here’s some of the ways you can do that.

  • Soak your cherries in brandy and use as an ice cream or dessert topping.
  • Mix raw cherries into your muesli or alternative breakfast cereal.
  • Cook your cherries down into a sauce and use to glaze pork tenderloins or lamb shanks.
  • Blend cherries with milk, cream and ice for a cherry milkshake or add sugar and freeze for your own cherry ice cream.
  • Bake your cherries into a tasty pie or tart.
  • Use cherries to add flavour and colour to a goats cheese salad.
  • Add tart cherry juice to a smoothie.
  • Use your cherries as the star ingredient in an Black Forest Gateau.
Cherries soaked in brandy make for a perfect dessert topping
Several studies have linked cherry juice to the acceleration of muscle recovery

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