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What is a Data Pool?

Unsure of what the Erudus data pool is? We have all the answers for you...

What is a Data Pool?

A Data Pool is a place where all necessary information is stored in order for businesses or individuals to perform transactions between each other. Information is exchanged in a standardised way and used as a common point of communication between the trading partners, providing an efficient and synchronised process to communicating their data.

What is the Erudus Data Pool?

The Erudus Data Pool is a live online repository used by food Manufacturers to enter and maintain their product specifications. Subsequently, Wholesalers and Caterers have access to this essential technical data knowing it is current, accurate and has been entered at source by the brands themselves, for use across the entire food industry.

Over 200 attributes are captured and stored including:

  • Product Identifiers e.g. Descriptions and Barcodes
  • Allergies e.g. Contains Nuts? (inc.subsets e.g. contains Pecan nuts?)
  • Nutrition e.g. Trans-fats per 100g? Alcohol strength %vol?
  • Dietary e.g. Suitable for Vegetarian diet? Coeliac diet?
  • Certifications e.g. BRC certified? Red Tractor certified (inc. actual certificate)
  • Logistics & Handling e.g. Directions for use? Quantity of cases per layer?
  • Packaging & Waste e.g. Weight of glass or plastic? (consumer and trade units)
  • Provenance e.g. Country of origin?
  • Categories e.g. Ambient? Canned fruit?
  • Units of Measurement e.g. Net weight? Inner unit length?